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Understanding the risks of sun exposure during pregnancy

So you are pregnant, you’ve read the books, and you know what foods to avoid, the dangers of drinking and the damage certain chemicals can cause to your unborn baby during pregnancy. But are you across the dangers of sun exposure and sun burn whilst pregnant?

Did you know that your body produces more hormones when you are pregnant, making you more susceptible to sun damage and causing you to burn more easily? But it doesn’t stop there; sun exposure while pregnant not only exposes you to the regular dangers of sun damage but puts your baby at risk too. Sun exposure can increase your core body temperature which could lead to dehydration or overheating. If you do not replenish these much-needed fluids, it could result in symptoms of pre-term labour and if severe enough, could even lead to birth defects. The UV rays can also break down the folic acid our bodies need, and folic acid is well-known to help reduce the chances of birth defects.

Sun safety is always important, but when you are pregnant, it is not only important for your own health, but your baby’s too.

Here are some sun safety tips for pregnant mums-to-be:

1. Avoid direct sun (10am-4pm)

2. Apply sunscreen

3. Wear a UPF 50+ hat

4. Wear sun glasses

5. Use UPF50+ sun shades/umbrellas when at the beach or pool

6. Use UPF50+ protective clothing (rash vest)

7. Seek shade wherever possible

8. Keep hydrated by drinking water

When your bundle of joys arrives, stay baby sun smart by avoiding direct sun exposure for your baby for the first 6 months. When you are out and about in the pram or baby carrier, always protect your baby from harmful rays by remembering to use your Sam&Hugo UPF 50+ protective sun blanket. An absolute necessity for all new parents.

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